Online Wellness Programs

Gut Restore in 4

What is happening in the gut has ramifications on every other cell, tissue and system in our bodies. This 4 week program will help you address the 4 major components of a healthy gut.

The program includes meal plans, supplement support and lifestyle "hacks" gleaned from over 20 years of helping people with digestive problems.

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Healing Diet Reset

Getting our diet under control is the keystone to any wellness plan. The Healing Diet Reset program is born out of clinical responses from hundreds of patients and has been successful in helping them improve energy, reduce digestive distress and lose weight.

Let us be your guides as you navigate this challenging but rewarding path to a life-long healthy eating approach.

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JumpStart to Wellness

Everybody needs a little "jump start" now and then. The JumpStart to Lean 28-Day program is designed to help you put all of the lifestyle pieces together in your life so that you can not just "lose weight" but "gain health" as well.

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IdealBody Cleanse

Our bodies are bombarded every minute of every day with chemicals that are toxic to us. The accumulation of these toxins can easily overwhelm our internal detoxification systems and lead to annoying symptoms like fatigue, poor skin and brain fog as well as serious diseases like autism, cancer and obesity. The IdealBody Cleanse is a simple yet effective 21-Day program to aid your body in removing these harmful toxins.

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7 Pillars Lifestyle

The 7 Pillars Lifestyle program is our signature program for ongoing support in each of the 7 Pillars of Wellness. Get powerful content and simple tips to improve your health from Dr. Duggar and Tammie as they share their favorite functional medicine and transformational nutrition coaching.

The program includes meal plans, exercise workouts, sleep tips, monthly calls and a whole lot more.

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