Bittersweet Goodbye from Cassie

At the time that I started working for Duggar Wellness a little over a year ago, I was in a very tough place in my life. I had anxiety, depression, excess weight, chronic stomach pain, chronic back pain, and headaches, to name a few. I didn’t believe in myself and my ability to do much of anything worthwhile. I had a passion for holistic living, but I didn’t have the fire to actually follow my own beliefs. That is when Dr. Duggar, Tammie, and our fantastic patients, came into my life. 

When I talked with Dr. Duggar about everything I was dealing with and my whole health history, it was the first time I felt like a doctor really listened to me, understood me, and wanted to help me in a way that gave me control of my life again. He told me it would be a long process since it was a long process to get to where I was in the first place, but having his knowledge and guidance gave me the spark to start.

When I talked with Tammie and we addressed my lifestyle, my thought process, and my nutrition, I was not told “You are doing this wrong.” I was told, “You are doing great. This is how we can make it even better.” I felt her understanding and empathy so strong that I also left our conversation with new confidence I didn’t know I had. 

And then I started seeing and connecting with you – our patients. I watched you come into the office, sometimes with the familiar defeated look, sometimes with excitement because you already heard what they could do for you, and leave with a little more fire every day. Your strength to take on this journey and to trust and follow the path the Duggars gave you, stoked my flame a little more. I fell in love with watching your determination and growth. There were days where I didn’t think I could follow my diet plan anymore, or when I was riddled with anxiety, but then one of you would come in and tell me about how much better you were feeling; or we would commiserate together and promise to keep trying because we wanted to finally feel like ourselves. I grew to love you all like family. I looked forward to my workdays and the calm, healing environment you and the Duggars provided. 

Now here I am, one year later, about to pursue my lifelong passion. Tammie, Dr. Duggar, and all of you have helped me gain the confidence and the desire to further my career and obtain an education in psychology. I have a dream of helping people live their best life. Not only do I have this dream, but I have the determination and the tools to do so. So while my heart is sad to leave a place that I called home and people I considered family, I am also very excited to learn more and continue to find ways to help and inspire those around me. 

If I could leave a final piece of advice, it would be to trust the process. I have been in the trenches and have come out the other side better and stronger. Tammie and Dr. Duggar have been where you are and came out the other side. They hear you when you say you are suffering, they understand when you say you have lost hope, and they will fight with you the whole way. Trust the process and use all your strength to keep going. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Be well, my friends.

Love, Cassie


  • Brett

    Reply Reply August 11, 2021

    Wonderful! Amazing to see from a third person perspective. Good work to all involved.

    • Duggar Wellness

      Reply Reply August 18, 2021

      Thanks, Brett, I know you are proud of her.

  • Cassie Badowsky

    Reply Reply August 11, 2021

    Cassie, how wonderful that you have come so far so soon! I am very excited for you that you are pursuing your life’s dream, and that “you want to help other people live their best lives!” What a great life purpose! I wish you continued success as you pursue your education, and please keep us all updated as to how you are progressing. Congratulations! Cassie B.

    • Duggar Wellness

      Reply Reply August 18, 2021

      We love that Cassie has worked so hard and made so many lifestyle changes that she now feels able to pursue her life goals and dreams! Thanks for offering her more encouragement Cassie B.

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