Fit3D Body Scan

Traditional bathroom scales simply can't capture the depth of information that we need to make informed decisions about our body composition. Fortunately, amazing new technology continues to be developed that gives us the ability to quickly and accurately measure your body's size, shape, % lean body mass, and % body fat.

3D Avatars & Reports

Sure, a trusty measuring tape is one means of measuring your body size but unfortunately it is highly inaccurate and difficult to track consistently.

Fit3D scans on the other hand are accurate to 2 mm and are the only scans that are partnered with DEXA scans to have the highest accuracy in measurements of body fat% and lean muscle mass.

Track Weight & Body Composition Changes

Actually seeing HOW your body is changing is such a powerful motivator to help our clients stay engaged in the process of weight loss.

Your details are available to you 24/7 via your web portal or app.