Rebalance Your Gut, Lose The Bloat and Regain The Health You Deserve, Naturally and Safely... Without Damaging Drugs or Surgery!

Let's work together to create a strategy that restores your energy, improves digestion, and allows you to enjoy life to the fullest.


Healing Your Gut
Doesn't Have To Be So Hard.


Gut Restore in 4

Smart Lifehacks To Balance Your Gut
& Get The Relief You Want!

Created By Dr. Jerry Duggar DC and Tammie Duggar CNE

Are You Ready For Your Tummy to Feel Amazing?

Do you want to boost your energy, mood & self confidence...

Do you want to feel like your food doesn't just sit in your gut...

Do you know you deserve to not worry about how the next meal is going to make you feel…

Because you know, what's going on in your gut impacts everything else in your life...

And yet, despite all your efforts, you're still dealing with reflux, bloating, gas and pain.

Digestive disorders can be really debilitating and embarrassing to deal with. Chronic conditions like irritable bowel syndrome, colitis, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) and heartburn can take a huge toll on your quality of life and keep you from doing the things you love.

What's more...

Most people don't understand that the health of the gut plays an enormous role in

  • Brain Health
  • Emotional Balance
  • Joint Function
  • Skin Clarity
  • Immune Balance
  • and more...

If You've Tried Medications, Diets & Cleanses In The Past...

  • You feel lost about how to get your bowels regular for good.
  • You're confused about what your body exactly needs.
  • You're sick of not knowing, what foods trigger your symptoms.
  • You waste precious time trying to figure it out all on your own and exhaust yourself to the point of giving up and settling for less.

It's time to stop talking about your gut problems and start fixing them!

So how do you get off of the merry-go-round and finally
get on the path to sanity?

That's Where We Come In...

Hi I'm Dr. Jerry Duggar. I'm a Holistic Chiropractor that specializes in Functional Medicine. For over 20 years now, I've helped thousands of patients improve their energy, balance hormones, detoxify their body and heal from chronic and nagging digestive problems.

And I'm Tammie Duggar...Culinary Nutrition Expert and Transformational Nutrition Coach with over 25 years of "in-the-trenches" experience implementing nutrient-dense, healing foods in my home.

In addition to helping tons of patients with digestive issues, we've had our own gut problems to deal with so we know first hand what it takes to really get to the bottom of your problems. We've managed to repair our digestive systems and create long-term strategies that maintain our health and vitality with the knowledge we share in this program.

With The "Gut Restore in 4" Program...

We will guide you through our unique process of:
  • resetting your digestive system to improve how you breakdown foods
  • smarthacking your microbiome to lower your inflammation
  • tweaking your diet to rebalance your immune system
  • and rebuilding your gut lining to better absorb nutrients

Course Outline

Let us guide you through our specialized 4 part system:

Part #1

Remove Negative Elements

Part #1 is all about removing harmful things that are currently in your body or that you are putting into your body. If you want to get healing fast, we first have to learn how to take our foot off of the brakes. Tammie will teach you the impact of putting the wrong foods into our bodies and Dr. Jerry dives into the topic of how to remove harmful microbes that could be triggering constant inflammation in your gut.


  • Kitchen Pantry Clean Out: One secret to success is to make sure you have the right foods in your pantry. We'll help you know what to remove and what to keep.
  • Gut Damaging Foods List: Some foods are highly inflammatory and lead to tons of gut symptoms. We'll make sure you know what you'll need to keep out of your diet.
  • Hidden Infections: Millions of people are suffering from hidden infections and overgrowth of bacteria and yeast. Eliminating them is half of the battle.
  • And much more...


Part 2

Replace Beneficial Elements

Part #2 is all about replacing what is missing in your gut. Dr. Jerry will teach you the critical role of the stomach, pancreas and gallbladder and how to make sure those organs are working correctly. Tammie will share her top tools to help you dramatically ramp up your intake of nutrient-dense real food that is easy to make and your family will love.


  • Healing Diet 101: A significant part of healing the gut is learning what to eat. Tammie will show you how to build an amazing, nutrient-dense diet that is delicious and easy.
  • Kitchen Hacks: Let Tammie teach you her favorite tips and tricks to be efficient with food prep and create awesome meal plans.
  • Supplements for Improved Digestion: If you don't break down your food well, you'll never heal your gut. Learn the 3 key areas that need support, especially as we age..
  • And much more...


Part 3

Rebalance Your Life

Part #3 is all about rebalancing your life and your gut microbiome. Tammie will teach you how what you are doing while you're eating can be just as important as what you are eating. We'll give you tools to address challenging negative relationships with food. Dr. Jerry will teach you all you need to know about getting the right beneficial bacteria back in your gut.


  • Mindfullness is Key: One of the most overlooked aspects of gut health is the mental aspect. We'll share our best tips.
  • Overcoming Mental Hurdles: Making any lifestyle change can be difficult and so we'll help you get through any challenges.
  • Understanding Probiotics: Balancing the microbes in the gut can be hard if you don't understand the benefits of probiotics.
  • And several more...


Part 4

Repair Your Gut Lining

In part #4, we'll take a deep dive into the causes and solutions to heal your "leaky gut" and Tammie will share ancient approaches from the kitchen that are super powerful ways to rebuild the gut lining and lower immune reactivity.


  • Functional Foods: Healing the gut lining requires high levels of key amino acids and there are some simple ways to get them in the diet.
  • Soothing Herbs: Learn what herbs and nutrients are best to sooth the irritated gut lining.
  • And much more...


Yes, I'm Ready for the GUT RESTORE IN 4!


Get Started, And Take Control Of Your
Digestion & Your Health!

  • You can go at your own pace with access to all the knowledge at your fingertips to achieve your goals with ease!
  • You'll have the freedom to eat tasty foods the smart way - and you may just have fun doing it!!
  • You’ll get a ton of information in each video throughout the program and the downloadable resources provide specific information on select topics.

The WHOLE Package


Access the course right away and anytime you’d like at your own convenience so you can learn at your own pace.


Tools for every type of learner, including videos, checklists, quizes.


Save precious time with meal prep ideas, shopping list and menu plans and pantry makeover lists. You'll also get over 130 delicious recipes that you're going to love.


Getting access to professional line formulas with probiotics, herbs to remove harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites, enzymes and gut rebuilders is a critical step to healing on a deep level.


Be a part of our private Facebook group to connect with like-minded health-seekers for accountability, support and feedback... Dr. Jerry and Tammie regularly interact and answer your questions.

“Words really can't tell you how much I appreciate the change this has made in my life. I don’t think that I’ve ever felt as healthy in all aspects of life as I do right now and I owe that to Dr. Duggar”  - Cindy D. 

Instant Access On Every Device

Supplements Direct to Your Doorstep

Let's get real for a second - what are the chances you're going to crack the code on healing your gut on your own? We don't want you to waste time trying to put the puzzle pieces together by yourself, only to end up with this year being just another year that doesn't give you the relief you deserve.

Just follow an easy step-by-step process, take out the guesswork and finally get results.

If Your Gut Is Saying "YES"...

then invest in yourself today.

Get Started Today For Only

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"12 weeks ago I was taking painkillers every single day to deal with pain and inflammation caused by Lupus.  It hurt me to walk, I had headaches all the time and I was so very tired. But that was then. Now I have energy! I move all the time. My body feels healthy and light. But there was 1 side effect that I wasn't prepared for... I had to go shopping because I suddenly found myself 40 pounds lighter than I had been for years. I really have never felt so great!" - Rebecca S. 

Along with all the lessons, you will also
get access to these fabulous...



"Live" Workshop Video

Watch a video recording of Dr. Duggar teaching a live workshop on the 4 Keys to Better Digestion. Some serious clinical pearls were shared at this event to take your knowledge even deeper.

Learn to Make

Functional Foods

Supercharge your gut healing by incorporating functional foods like bone broth, sprouts and fermented foods. These foods have been around for centuries but most in our culture have lost the knowledge of how to use these amazing functional foods.

Over 130 Delicious

Gut Healing Recipes

We've pulled together some of our favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, entrees, and even snack options so you'll never go hungry including our stash of secret recipes reserved only for personal clients.


Nutritional Supplements

In addition to the nutritional support provided in the program, we'll give you access to Dr. Duggar's online supplement dispensary where he has curated his "go to" supplements that are only available to his personal patients.

Yes, I'm Ready For The Gut Restore in 4!


Have Questions?

Great! Ask Away!

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if you…

  • Are ready to learn what foods are really causing havoc in your body.
  • Want to boost your energy, mood & self confidence to feel more alive and passionate
  • You want to improve your immune health and sleep better.
  • You’ve spent a significant amount of time trying things on your own without much success.
  • You’re motivated to make lasting changes that will lower your risk of chronic disease.
  • You’re willing to give this program your best effort, and enthusiastically put in the work knowing that it will serve you for the rest of your life.

Who is this course NOT for?

This course is NOT for you if you…

  • Have severe food allergies, or other serious health issues. Please consult your doctor before making any recommended changes.
  • Are not interested at all in learning anything new to uplevel your health.
  • Are unable to commit 30 minutes a day to changing your health and the way you eat.
  • Are not an ACTION TAKER committed to implementing smart hacks into their life.
  • Are a tire kicker only interested in collecting more information and chasing the latest shiny object.

How soon will I feel results?

You may start to feel the results of the program in as little as a few days! A few people will notice a slight increase in symptoms related to “die off” of harmful bacteria, yeast and parasites but that typically doesn’t last longer than 3 or 4 days.

I’m not good at cooking. Is this course for me?

We know that many people who haven’t spent much time in the kitchen can be intimidated by the thought of preparing meals made with real food ingredients. Don’t worry! This course is full of smart hacks and simple ways to maximize your nutrition without spending all day in the kitchen. Most people really love getting back to the basics of eating real food and bypassing the cheap, packaged junk that created the problems in the first place.

I struggle with constipation or diarrhea. Is this course for me?

YES! Just making the changes we’re suggesting may be all that is standing in between you and normal bowel frequency. If your case is a bit more complicated, we’ve included some specific resources with simple remedies for a wide array of digestive symptoms. (If you have been diagnosed with Crohn’s, Ulcerative Colitis or colon related cancers, please speak with your doctor prior to starting a program like this.)

I've already been through a similar program. How can this course help me?

Many digestive health programs out there don’t address all of the components that we address in the Gut Restore in 4. They may provide some education and recipes or they only address taking a probiotic. The magic happens when we combine the diet, lifestyle, mental aspect and the proper nutritional support.

Ready For The Health You DESERVE?

Then invest in yourself today.

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You have to take enough risks in life, so this course shouldn’t be one of them. Follow the program for 30 days, and if you do the work, implement, and still don’t see results – simply show us your work and we’ll be happy to refund you.*

But, you've got to do the work.

The Gut Restore in 4 is for action-takers committed to implementing smart lifestyle changes into their life – not for the tire kickers only interested in collecting more information and chasing the latest shiny object.

*We cannot issue refunds for opened bottles of supplements. Unopened bottles of supplements may be returned within 60 days of date of purchase and will incur a 15% restocking fee.

Are Your Ready To Get STARTED?

Our community is ready for you!

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Or Save $54 With A

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But, YOU Have To Take Action!

And as well-intentioned as you are, those things mean nothing if you don’t take action. As John Wannamaker said: "One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time"... and it starts with that very first step right now to say "Yes! Count Me In!"

"So if you are ready to say ""YES!"" and finally invest in yourself and your health, then we’d be honored to hold your hand to help you get to the next level."


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