Healing Bath Salts

This week we get the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day! An actual holiday has been created for us to show love to those we care about most. This year as you are busy taking care of all the special Valentine’s in your life there is one more I want you to remember. . .YOU!  Don’t forget to show yourself some love too.

One of my favorite ways to practice self-love is by relaxing in a nice hot, soothing bath with some homemade Healing Bath Salts.  I like to blend Epsom salt, Sea salt, baking soda and add in an essential oil blend then I just lay back relax and soak in all the goodness that these ingredients have to offer.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt was originally discovered at a bitter saline spring named Epsom in Surrey, England.  It is a natural exfoliate and an anti-inflammatory remedy and also boasts many other benefits including; relieving sore and painful muscles, improving circulation, aiding in detoxification, moisturizing dry skin, combating constipation and helping the body to relax and let go of stress.

Epsom salt is actually not really a salt at all.  It is a natural occurring pure mineral compound consisting of magnesium and sulfate.  More than half of all Americans have a magnesium deficiency.  Magnesium is important for regulating enzyme activity and enzymes are responsible for all body functions.  Sulfate plays a role in the formation of brain tissue, joint proteins and also helps to strengthen the walls of the digestive tract.

Because magnesium and sulfate are both absorbed through the skin, soaking in an Epsom salt bath for at least 15 minutes helps to restore these vital minerals to your body.

Sea Salt

My favorite sea salt is Redmond Real Salt.  Redmond Real Salt is mined right here in my home state of Utah and is loaded with many other trace minerals.

Sea salt will exfoliate as well as provide a rich moisturizing effect for your skin,  other benefits include; increased circulation, antiseptic effects, reduced fluid retention, aids the skin in releasing toxins, and it helps restore a protective barrier to the skin.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is soothing to the skin and will help your skin be less irritated by the healing salts in your bath.  It also neutralizes the acids on your skin and helps to promote the elimination of toxins.  Baking soda can help refresh, renew and soften dry irritated skin.

Essential Oils

Essential oils offer a wide range of health benefits and can be used individually or combined for a synergistic affect.  Here are some of my favorite oil blends to add into healing bath salts.

Lavender + Bergamot = Relaxation

Eucalyptus + Peppermint = Clear Sinuses

Lemon + Rosemary = A Clear Mind

Geranium + lavender = Calming & Grounding

Orange + Clove = Uplifting & Strengthening

Now just turn on some of your favorite music, light some candles and sit back and relax. You deserve it!

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