Ready to Get to the Root of Your Health Issues?

The First Step to a Healthy Life is a Healing Diet.

What is the Healing Diet Reset Program all about?

Are you putting up with symptoms that are cramping your style, zapping your vitality, snuffing out your joy? Maybe you chalk it up to being over 30, getting older, having food allergies? Maybe you’re just accepting this as your new reality?

Don’t settle for low energy, low libido, poor digestion and all the problems that are slowly leading you down the path to chronic illness.

Ask yourself, how would your life be different if you had lots of energy, less pain, needed no prescriptions, could stay ‘in the zone’ with a clear, focused mind?

The key to healing lies in your diet. Our Standard American Diet is highly inflammatory, largely devoid of nutrients, high in refined sugars, low in critical fats and full of toxins, pesticides, herbicides and hormones.

Even if you aren't yet suffering from a degenerative disease, if you are just following what the masses are doing, you are at high risk for developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's and autoimmune disease.

We want to help you get off of that path and on to a path that promises abundant energy and health.

We've taken all of the resources that we've developed over the years in our practice and assembled them into a powerful program that is designed to help you take control of your health by taking control of your diet.

We believe that if we could all just go back to a diet that is more like our ancestors, we would be a much healthier nation and a growing body of scientific evidence supports that idea. This diet goes by many names like "Paleo", "primal" or "ancestral" but whatever you call it, this focus on a diet full of foods that are free of processed and refined ingredients and other by-products of modern food production is turning out to be the answer to the modern health challenges.

  • It emphasizes the foods our bodies are naturally designed to thrive on
  • It’s incredibly rich in the nutrients that fuel our bodies
  • It eliminates the foods that cause inflammation and trigger modern disease

On the Healing Diet Reset program, you’ll get to eat real foods bursting with flavor and nutrition. No counting calories or carbs and fat, no starving yourself, no bland powders or shakes, no disgusting packaged meals. You just eat the delicious foods that are part of the plan, and your body takes care of the rest.

We'll provide you with all the meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, and other tools you need to do the reset program for a minimum of 30 days and in that time, you'll learn how to reboot and jumpstart your health.

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