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  • Decrease constipation and other gut problems
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Dear friend,

We know that staying healthy in today’s modern world is not easy.  It seems that all of the cards are stacked against us. It’s no wonder that at times the stress and toxicity of life gets the better of us. Despite the fact that over half of the population of America is suffering from chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes and obesity, we somehow still feel alone in the struggle.

Just about everywhere we turn, the media is reminding us that over 66% of Americans are overweight or obese. We’re sleep deprived and sedentary and our diets aren’t working to improve the situation.  Chronic digestive ailments like constipation and diarrhea plague millions and the number 1 over-the-counter medications are antacids.  

The majority of people are walking around suffering from brain fog and fatigue. Gone are the days of ample energy, quality sleep and glowing, vibrant skin.

Medicine continues to promise solutions from drugs but haven’t we realized that drugs will never solve the root of the problem?  Instead we end up with more and more side-effects to deal with.  The promise of better living through chemistry has only served to create a more toxic environment that is over burdening us and causing worsening health.

It seems that despite all of the voices out there, many of us are still confused and unsure about what we really need to do to get our health back on track.  We’re all searching for an approach that will help us get to the root of our problems quickly but sustainably. An approach that will help us balance our blood sugar and hormones and help us have the energy we need to accomplish all that is on our plate each day.

We don’t need more drugs.
We need a new approach.

If you're reading this, we know that you are looking for real answers – answers that lie within your power to control your own health outcomes.  You want to take control of your health and really shift the needle for good. You know that health isn’t found in a drug that masks the underlying problems. At best, drugs are a temporary crutch to allow the body to regain balance.

Cleanse and Detoxify

It’s time to face the facts. If we don’t make a change to how we live each day, we’ll never get the health results we’re looking for.

We need to learn how to safely and effectively reduce the toxic burden that we’re being crushed by.

That is exactly what we want to help you do.

The IdealBody Cleanse
Program Will Teach You How to Take Charge of Your Health Again

If you are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and you are ready to take purposeful action, you are in the right place at the right time.

There are lots of books and programs out there that address some of the key issues for health.  They spend hundreds of pages giving you the science and philosophy behind their theory but leave you high and dry when it comes to implementation.

Step 1 is to know exactly what to do on a daily basis to get back in balance with our biology.

Step 2 is to become more educated on why these principles work.  The deep dive of education is a life-long pursuit but without some results, we get stuck in the trap of spending way too much time “learning about” getting healthy but not enough time actually doing it.

If the idea of detoxifying or cleansing makes you nervous, it shouldn’t. When done correctly the process is simple, powerfully nutritious and easy on your body.  Learning which things to avoid and which things to add into your diet and lifestyle is the key.

More than anything else, the IdealBody Cleanse program is an implementation program. In three short weeks we are helping you make powerful transformation in your entire lifestyle.

  • Imagine waking up with energy that lasts throughout the day.
  • Imagine your physical body easily shedding unneeded weight.
  • Imagine feeling a renewed zest for life that reawakened your dreams for a life of abundance and love.

Those are the outcomes that we’ve seen over the past 16 years helping our private practice patients get control of their health again.  

In fact, it was directly because of our private clients that the IdealBody Cleanse program was created. We realized that just about everyone needed a simple to follow “recipe” for lifestyle change that was doable and sustainable.

What started out as some simple one-page handouts, gradually transformed into a full 21-day program, complete with meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, additional modalities to assist in detoxification and even mental/emotional tools to help get the mind and body in sync with one another.

Additional Support the Liver and Digestion

While changing the diet and other lifestyle factors is the foundation for a good cleanse, most of us have seriously depleted our liver’s ability to produce the chemicals required for detoxification.  In those cases, adding targeted nutritional support to up-regulate the liver’s detox capacity becomes a catalyst for profound improvements in health.  Science has identified specific nutrients that are able to support the clearing of toxins from our bodies, these are available in shakes and capsules to maximize the benefit of the detox process.

Impaired digestive function is a major source of toxins in the body.  Adding strain-specific microflora called “probiotics” and digestive enzymes into the mix helps to calm the digestive system and decrease bloating and sluggish bowel function.  

As we’ve stated before, some people do some drastic and unsafe things in the name of detoxification.  We don’t want you to make those mistakes.  Cleansing should be simple and easy for your body, not dangerous or damaging to the body.

Before we tell you the details of this exciting system let me tell you a little bit about ourselves and how this educational program can help you.

My Name is Dr. Jerald Duggar and I've
Been Practicing Chiropractic and
Functional Medicine for
Over 16 Years

After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Life University in Marietta GA in 1999, I established a thriving private holistic wellness practice integrating chiropractic, nutrition, massage therapy, and functional medicine. Although our practice is quite diverse, we specialize in weight loss, natural hormone balance, digestive issues, detoxification and structural pain.

Over those years it has been my personal mission to help people reclaim their health and our unique approach to healing has helped thousands of people from around the world heal and transform.

My Name is Tammie Duggar and I’m a culinary
nutritionist. I’ve been in the “trenches”
helping people implement healthy
eating in their homes.

My soul purpose is to heal, nurture and enrich families.  One of my favorite ways to express that purpose is to teach people about nutrition.  For years, while our 4 children were young, this was just something I shared with my friends and family but as my passion for healing with whole “real foods” has grown, so has my reach.  I’ve written several recipe books designed to help people re-connect with real food, to fall in love with the process of meal preparation and to recapture something special that our culture has lost.  My kitchen is my playground where I love to discover and experiment with new foods and meal options.

As a culinary nutrition mentor and life coach, I get the amazing experience of watching people transform their lives and their health every day.  The most rewarding part is that I know that those changes affects generations of people.

Here’s What You’ll Receive

Patient Program Guide ($97 value)

The participant guide is divided into 3 sections. The first section will lay some basic groundwork on the key systems of detoxification and why addressing each of these is so crucial for the best results.

The goal is not to bog you down with tons of scientific literature that will leave you more confused. We want you to understand the basics of the approach to sustainable healthy living and then get busy putting it into action.

The participant guide is divided into 3 sections. The first section will lay some basic groundwork on the key systems of detoxification and why addressing each of these is so crucial for the best results.

The goal is not to bog you down with tons of scientific literature that will leave you more confused. We want you to understand the basics of the approach to sustainable healthy living and then get busy putting it into action.

Weekly Success Plans ($97 value)

Detoxification is a nutrient driven process. Nothing happens without adequate nutrients in the body so obviously we’re going to get very specific on what should go into your mouth and what shouldn’t. Avoiding foods and beverages that cause inflammation, allergies and other negative reactions in the body need to be eliminated so that the body can heal and restore.

Nutrition plays such a large part in our overall health and requires so much of our time each day to prepare, eat and clean up, we’ve focused a lot of attention on creating amazing meal plans for you each day. We’re out to prove that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste bland and boring. You’ll eliminate foods that are sabotaging your health, energy and hormones and you’ll be eating foods that are rich in nutrients, antioxidants and essential building blocks for health.

We’ll also share some simple but effective “cleanse amplifiers” – tips and techniques that can be incorporated in just a few minutes per day to improve the skin, lymph and lungs to detoxify.


We’ve laid out a complete menu plan for 21 days complete with recipes and shopping lists so you’ll have everything on hand that you will need to succeed.


You’ll have access to helpful series of videos and articles to assist you on your journey.


  • We realize that sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words so we’ll share videos of specific yoga movements to assist detoxification.
  • Tammie will demonstrate a few basis kitchen “hacks” that will make your life easier as you embrace the IdealBody Cleanse diet.
  • We’ll demonstrate how to easily add detox assisting modalities like “dry skin brushing” and others.

Daily Motivational Emails

Staying motivated and connected to an online program is tough for most people. We need continual encouragement and support. We’ll be sending you a short email each day to keep you on track and focused on your transformation.

Here's What Our Patients Are Saying About the IdealBody Cleanse Program and Dr. Jerry and Tammie!

I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Today…

“Before I worked with Dr. Duggar I was a mess. I was overweight, my neck and back hurt, my diet and digestion were pitiful, and I had trouble sleeping. I was seriously depressed and just felt awful in general. I missed work and family gatherings and other things that I wanted to do because I was so sick.

Following Dr. Duggar’s instructions about how to cleanse and detox our bodies and adding the supplements that my body really needed, I am thankfully feeling like a new person. Not my old self! That person has changed forever. Now, I have beat my depression and reduced my medications, I have lost 23 pounds, and am healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually. I will never go back to the “other” way of eating or see life from the same perspective. Dr. Duggar has been a Godsend to me, my husband, and my family. I am very grateful. I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t done this – most likely, in a box in the ground somewhere.” Tena B.

Kick Your Skepticism in the Teeth!

“Before doing this program I had severe allergies resulting in sinus problems, headaches, and several side effects from my daily sinus medication. Now that I’ve complete the detox program, I’ve never felt better. Natural cleansing and detoxification is the most effective approach to health that I’ve seen. Kick your skepticism in the teeth and do it. If you are suffering, it’s because what you’ve tried obviously isn’t working. Your health is priceless and through safe, natural processes, great health is attainable!” – Bryan T.

It Has Been Many Years Since I Have Felt This Well

“I have been on a program of treatment that has given me a quality of life again that I had never thought possible. I am largely free of back pain and headache. I now experience restful sleep, rather than the hours of insomnia. I am free from the severe symptoms of chemical sensitivities, which practically imprisoned me in my home for several years. My mind is now focused, rather than fragmented, and I experience freedom from anxiety and nameless fears. Every day, I experience increasing energy. I relate to the world differently, everything is more colorful and bright, since the “brain fog” went away. I experience more peace of mind and emotional issues of the past have dissolved in a most miraculous manner. I feel my body and mind coming into harmony and working for my best good. It has been many years since I have felt this well.” – Myrna S.

The Only Other Way to Get This Life-Changing Information

Working personally with Dr. Duggar and Tammie routinely costs $300-$400 dollars per hour. Right now we're offering you the exact same exclusive patient education program you would get working with us at a fraction of the normal cost.

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This tried and tested program has only been available to our private clients who have paid much more for this information and support.  We’re excited to make it available to you today at this affordable price but quite honestly we don’t know how much longer we’ll be offering it at such a discounted rate.  We’ve seen programs like this routinely sell for between $149 and $300 online so we know that our prices won’t stay this low forever.

That's why we ask you to join us right now and claim your spot while we’re still offering this introductory pricing.

All you have to do is take this first step, right now, then follow the program.

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One More Thing…How About a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We believe that the IdealBody Cleanse™ program will be a powerful Untitledcatalyst for you to transform your health, so we’re going to take the risk.

If you don’t feel that the information contained in the IdealBody Cleanse™ provided you with crystal clear direction and the tools for success, we’ll give you a full refund within 21 days of purchase. That gives you 3 full weeks to implement these simple strategies and habits into your life with zero risk.

It’s doubtful that all of your health problems will be gone in 3 weeks but if you put the plan into action you will know that this program is right for you. This information has already changed the lives of so many that we’re confident that if you apply even a fraction of the program, you will sense its power to help you create sustainable wellness. You’ve got nothing to lose and your health to gain so let us show you how to balance your digestion, boost your energy, improve mental clarity and get that spring in your step again with the IdealBody Cleanse™ program now.

Yes! I’m Ready for my IdealBody!
Regular program price = $297.00

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We value your privacy and would never spam you

Order Now for only $79.00

P.S. – This program is for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. Medical advice requires an adequate physical exam and/or laboratory testing and the establishment of a doctor/patient relationship. Dr. Duggar is a licensed chiropractic physician with expertise in functional nutrition and wellness. He is not a medical doctor and therefore recommends participants to consult with their own medical doctor with any questions regarding whether this program is safe for them to participate in.