Quick Start Program

What is the Wellness Circle Program?

This comprehensive program spans approximately three months and involves a thorough case history, lab testing and analysis, protocols customized to your specific lab tests and health goals, direct doctor-patient consultations, appointments with a dedicated health coach, as well as membership access to online resources and support.

Program Overview

Assessment and Diagnosis

1.  Initial Consultation with Dr. Duggar (60 minutes)

    Extensive health history and review of your thorough intake forms

    Current and past symptom analysis

    Drug and Supplement assessment

    Diet and lifestyle assessment

2.    Lab Testing (price not included)

     Prices will be discussed during initial appointment

3. Lab Test Results Analysis and Personalized Protocol Development (Dr. and Health Coach)

 Analyze and integrate all lab test results with health history and consultation  findings.

 Review of relevant blood work and other medical tests from previous providers

 Create customized supplement protocol

 Coordination with Health Coach to set up initial lifestyle guidelines

Case Review and Initiation of Phase 1 of Treatment

1. Case Review Presentation appointment with Dr. Duggar

 Explain lab findings and how they relate to your presenting health challenges

 Review in detail your dietary, lifestyle, and supplement prescription

2.   Support Material Access

 Supplement protocol delivery

 Access to Online Educational support materials

 Private Facebook group

3. Initial 30-minute appointment with Health Coach (within 2 weeks of starting plan)

 Discuss initial diet and lifestyle recommendations and troubleshoot any problems

4. Follow-up 30-minute appointment with Dr. Duggar (approximately 4 weeks after starting plan)

 Monitor progress and make changes if needed (approximately 4 weeks after starting plan)