1 Cause of Disease

In the final analysis, there is only one cause of disease – your body’s inability to successfully adapt to negative stress. These stressors imprint negative patterns in your control systems causing “dis-ease” throughout the body.

Stress is unavoidable. Some stress is actually critical for our survival. Unfortunately, when those stressors are severe or prolonged they may overcome our internal ability to withstand them.


3 Dimensions of Stress

Physical Stressors may include: poor posture, lack of physical exercise, slips and falls, childbirth, car accidents, computer use and other occupational factors.

Chemical Stressors may include: unbalanced diet, dehydration, toxic additives in our air, food and water supply and prescription drugs.

Mental Stressors may include: worry, anxiety, fear, family relations or finances, negative self-image/self-talk and a victim mentality.

7 Key Body Systems

The Hormonal system is the link between your mind, emotions and your body. Powerful chemicals are secreted through the glands of this system that help to regulate virtually every action in every cell in your body.

The Digestive system and the Detoxification systems are where the "rubber meets the road" so to speak. These systems are responsible for the internal chemical environment of our bodies. The quality of each cell of the body is determined by what nutrients we actually absorb from the foods we eat and how efficiently we can eliminate waste products from inside our bodies and from the environment.

The Nerve system is the master controller of the body. Every thought, action and feeling you experience is filtered through that life-line. Any level of dysfunction in the nerve system will have a devastating impact your health.

Our Immune system is on constant patrol throughout our body, monitoring the ecology of bacteria, viruses and other microbes and cleaning up cells that have lost control.

The Cardiovascular system delivers the critical nutrients and oxygen to each cell of the body. Last but not least, our health is greatly impacted by the strength, balance and movement of our Structural system. Our muscles, bones, joints and tendons need to work together efficiently and easily to help us feel young and vibrant.

7 Root Causes

While conventional medicine has named literally thousands of diseases in the medical books, the latest scientific models like functional medicine are instead, turning their attention to the root causes that virtually all of these diseases have in common.

Genetics certainly play a role in our health but other factors in our environment control how our genes express themselves.  Cellular health, at it’s most basic level is limited by the status of our nutrients as well as our overall level of toxicity from our environment. Physical injury and trauma, infection and even how we perceive mental stress has been shown to trigger the body’s inflammatory systems into high gear. This inflammation has been shown to have a profound effect on virtually every chronic disease.

7 Pillars of Wellness

I’m sure that it comes as no surprise that the key to our health and happiness lies in our daily habits. Although we all would love to find a way around it, there doesn’t seem to be a way to fool Mother Nature. In the end, we still reap what we sow.

The 7 Pillars of Wellness: Think Well, Sleep Well, Drink Well, Eat Well, Move Well, Love Well, and Play Well.

These pillars are the critical lifestyle habits that we must engage in on a daily basis if we are to experience health. They become the steady rudder that moves you through healing cycles and the foundation of life-long wellness.

Without these pillars in place, virtually all short-term treatments for health conditions are only marginally effective. The process of learning and implementing consistent lifestyle change takes time but it is magical to witness in ourselves.

When we create change based on solid principles within these 7 areas, the changes last a lifetime. To learn more about the 7 Pillars of Wellness and build a better foundation for health.