What is Transformational Nutrition Coaching?

You Are Fed by More Than What’s on Your Plate

Tammie is a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, and as such, everything she does revolves around the simple but powerful model of Transformational Nutrition®.

Transformational Nutrition is the scientific study of health and human wellness in multiple areas, including physical nutrition, mental nutrition, and spiritual nutrition.

The dictionary defines nutrition as “food or nourishment.” Seems pretty straightforward, don’t you think? Especially for something that is necessary for survival, and not only that, to allow you to thrive and do the work in the world you’re meant to do.

If nutrition did simply equate to food, life might be much easier. But when was the last time you felt 100% “nourished” by food alone?

The definition of nourishment takes it a step further and is defined as the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition. This definition is getting a little closer, but what are those ‘other substances’ necessary for growth, health, and good condition?

You’re probably filling the gaps with things like water, vitamins, minerals, etc., but if people are to heal and transform through nourishment truly, we must go deeper than food alone. We must redefine nutrition as we know it.

Redefining Nutrition

For too long, nutrition has equated to diet. People have been focusing on physical nutrition to reach their health and wellness goals. The reality is, you are fed by more than what’s on your plate.

We already touched on this, but when was the last time you felt completely satisfied by food? Sure, it helps replenish your energy and restore your focus, so long as you’re filling your plate with healthy choices, but eating alone can’t fix you, even that dip into the ice cream bucket for comfort won’t satisfy your need for comfort.

Transformational Nutrition is redefining nutrition and is the only way to finally help our clients experience the full transformations they’ve been longing for.

Our definition of nutrition is anything that feeds you – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

As a certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, Tammie is trained to look at each client as a whole. She helps her clients break down barriers they might not know they have, reconnect with themselves, others, and the environment, and discover what’s truly keeping them stuck, unhealthy, and unhappy. This approach allows her to coach her clients to successful, holistic transformations.

Let’s break that down.

Physical Nutrition

What you put on your plate is essential, but there’s more to it than food. Sleep and rest are important; healthy supplementation and movement are also important. 

Physical Nutrition is one pillar of Transformational Nutrition, focusing on what actually is on your plate, along with the other components listed above.

This goes more in-depth into other physical elements such as genetics, environmental factors, health history, and more.

Things like your, occupation, traffic, education, and climate play into your physical nutrition, as do hormone levels, aging, and oxidative stress.

Physical Nutrition = Your Biology

Personalized Nutrition
Common Health Conditions
Functional Nutrition
Environmental Health
Genetics and Epigenetics
Exposome and Microbiome
And more!

Mental Nutrition

Mental health and mental wellness are always in conversation these days. People are finally beginning to see the importance of staying mentally well. Transformational Nutrition views this as a critical pillar involved in the nourishment process.

This includes mental health conditions, emotional wellness, and mind-body connection when it comes to healing, trauma, and more.

We focus on the mental environment or the psychological lens through which you view the world shaped by your experiences, environmental factors, culture, and past trauma.

We focus on trauma, an emotional response to a profound, memorable event such as an accident, physical abuse, or events that were minor, yet still emotionally charged.

All of these components make up how you view yourself and the world around you. Once they can be broken down, and each piece worked on individually with the help of a Certified Transformational Nutrition Coach, you can start to reshape your psychological view on life and health.

Mental Nutrition = Your Psychology

Past Trauma
Mental Health
Behavioral Psychology
Emotional Eating
Gut-Brain Axis
And more!

Spiritual Nutrition

Spiritual nutrition is all about your connection with yourself, others, and the environment. This isn’t necessarily religion, but it can be. We view spirituality in three ways.

Personal Spirituality

A relationship or connection with oneself. This seems simple, but the reality of it is people don’t like to be alone with themselves or their thoughts. That’s why we find ways to distract ourselves but loving yourself is an essential step on the way to total nourishment.

Communal Spirituality

This is the connection and quality of the relationships you have with others. It’s likely no surprise to you how important it is to have a support system. Still, many people lack these crucial relationships or experience trauma or turmoil in their relationships, where they stay due to the beliefs they’ve created for themselves. Finding and cultivating caring relationships is vital.

Environmental Spirituality

A relationship with nature, the physical environment, or a higher being. This is where religion might come in for you, or a simple connection and appreciation for something greater than yourself. This is where you might give thanks for your food, air, and water or get out into nature and appreciate its beauty. This connection to something greater than yourself is a crucial component to help you generate a healthy perspective and appreciation for why you’re here.

Spiritual Nutrition = Your Spirituality

Relationships & Connection
Basic Spiritual Needs
Managing Fear
Spiritual Practices & Rituals
The Role of Spirituality in Healing
Spiritual Transformation
And more!

The Takeaway

You can easily see that Transformational Nutrition takes nourishment to a whole new level that will genuinely help you nourish and heal yourself. 

This is why it’s important and necessary to redefine nutrition. This is why food alone will never fix you. Your body is more than a physical body, you have a mind, and you have a spirit. Every piece of you must be nourished and working together in harmony to truly transform your health and life.


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