Are you suffering from lower back issues, neck pain or headaches? Maybe you've been in a car accident or had a sports injury. These issues with your muscles, bones and joints all require the latest advances in hands-on treatments including chiropractic, massage, spinal decompression, muscle retraining and more.

Dr. Duggar and his team have a cumulative 30 years experience integrating the best from the fields of chiropractic, massage therapy, rehabilitation, and many other cutting edge therapeutic treatments. Together they have developed a powerful process that truly helps their patients heal on a deep level.  We regularly see results in 1/3 the time it takes in other offices.

Advanced Chiropractic Adjusting Techniques

The most fundamental service delivered by a chiropractor is what is called an "adjustment". In general, an adjustment is any force or positioning that is intended to improve the motion, alignment and function of the musculoskeletal system.

Since the first adjustment was delivered in 1895 by D.D. Palmer, millions and millions of adjustments have been delivered to safely and effectively improve the health and function of the body. Over that time, many doctors have developed complete systems of analysis and correction of the spinal system and have trained other chiropractors in their methods. The wide variety of chiropractic techniques allow chiropractors to adapt their methods to best suit the individual needs of their patients.

Over the course of Dr. Duggar's clinical education, he has been trained in over 20 different techniques, ranging from traditional "hands-on" manipulations to more modern 'instrument-assisted" methods. Dr. Duggar has developed his own methodology and protocols that incorporates the best of these methods to quickly and easily relieve pain and improve function of the body.

One of the primary tools that we use in our office is called the "arthostim". This device allows Dr. Duggar to deliver a very gentle and precise series of oscillations into the area of dysfunction. Watch the video below to see exactly how this simple adjustment tool restores normal movement to a neck that was unable to move properly.

Arthrostim adjustment demonstration

Chiropractic FAQs

Q – Are chiropractic adjustments safe? Do they hurt? +

A – Adjustments are extremely safe. In fact, receiving treatment by a chiropractor is one of the safest health care procedures that you could ever have – far safer than even taking an aspirin.  What’s more, there are many ways to perform an adjustment and we can tailor your adjustment to make sure that it is comfortable and enjoyable to you. Kids in particular LOVE to get adjusted and often quarrel with their siblings as to who gets to go first.

Q – I went to a Chiropractor once and it didn’t seem to help. How will this be different? +

A – Many healthy behaviors like exercise, diet and brushing your teeth don’t yield dramatic benefits over night.  The healing process takes time. Often people have been dealing with “silent” subluxations for years or even decades. It often takes a series of visits to unwind the patterns of dysfunction in the body.  Our unique integration of chiropractic care with supportive modalities allows us to have tremendous success in helping our patients feel better and return to full activity.

Q – Will my health insurance cover all of the costs? +

A – Dr. Duggar is not a preferred provider with any general health insurance companies but many of our patients have out of network benefits that may help with the costs of chiropractic care.  We strongly advise each patient to contact his or her own insurance company to ask about coverage in our office. Rest assured that even if your insurance doesn’t cover your needs, we have flexible payment options.

Q - How much will my first visit cost? +

The initial consultation with Dr. Duggar is between $90 and $150.  As you discuss your health history and your goals for treatment, Dr. Duggar will most likely suggest diagnostic tests that will help pin-point the cause of your condition. The cost of all tests will be discussed with you prior to incurring any charges. If there is a need for tests, you will pay for those at the conclusion of this visit as well.

Spinal Decompression

Every year, thousands of people find themselves sitting in an examination room with a spinal surgeon contemplating the need for surgery due to a disc injury.

In the majority of these cases, invasive and risky surgery can be avoided with a course of conservative treatment including a treatment known as "spinal decompression".

Spinal decompression is a procedure whereby a computerized pulley system is used to gradually and safely traction a patient's lower back or neck to stretch the disc and remove pressure and irritation from the nerves of the spine.

This therapy has proven to be very helpful in reducing disc bulges and helping them to repair over time. It really shines in the cases of chronic disc degeneration and pain.

Active Therapeutic Movement - ATM2

The one characteristic that is almost universal for patients coming to the chiropractor is that some place on their body hurts when they move it. Once we've determined that it is safe to move the joint, we can begin to work with the patient's body to re-establish normal, pain-free movement.

Normal movement is coordinated by the central nervous system and is a complex, multi-dimensional activity. The brain has to tell certain groups of muscles to contract, others to relax and even others to stabilize all within milliseconds.

When we are injured and in pain, our brains "forget" how to organize these actions efficiently. The Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM2) technology allows us to "retrain" the brain's ability to control and coordinate these movements.

Active Therapeutic Movements can provide immediate and long-lasting pain relief to many back and neck pain sufferers.

Whole Body Vibration

Whole Body Vibration is an innovative, safe, and effective exercise option. It is the use of a moving platform at specific frequencies and amplitudes to superimpose vibration on normal functional strengthening exercises. Like no other exercise, whole body vibration works directly through the nervous system creating a significant increase in the normal physiological responses of the body to exercise.

The vibration platform produces vertical vibrations from a side-alternating rocking movement which simulates walking. Our body reacts to this natural stimulus with an involuntary “stretch reflex” body reaction. The vibration, frequency, amplitude, and resulting acceleration create thousands of these muscle contractions in a matter of just minutes. Without being aware of it, when we are in motion our muscles are always reacting to keep us upright and balanced. This natural reaction is what’s being employed with whole body vibration. By keeping the body constantly a little out of balance, these muscles have to keep working. Every time the plate moves, your body has no choice but to respond; rebalancing you by engaging and disengaging your muscles numerous times per second.

The best part is, because the reactions are so quick and involuntary, it actually feels good! The sensation is more like a massage or gentle stretching- nothing like pounding through several sets at a gym. Depending on the speed, your muscles will contract up to 30 or more times per second. Energy is safely and effectively transferred to your body, stimulating every cell, your muscles, your bones and your soft tissue. Contractions occur in nearly 100% of the muscles, in comparison to 40-50 % involvement in traditional exercise. As a result of this exceptional high number of contractions a wide array of benefits are experienced.

Low Level Laser Therapy

The use of laser emitting diodes in medicine has literally transformed entire specialities including surgery, aesthetics and dermatology. What many people aren't aware of is just how effective certain uses of laser therapy are in the treatment of acute and chronic pain, back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, bursitis, tendonitis and a wide variety of other musculoskeletal symptoms.

Our office uses what is called a "super pulsed" laser to effectively promote rapid tissue healing and pain relief.

Successful double blind clinical trials prove it.

There are over 4,000 studies have been conducted worldwide to validate the effectiveness of laser therapy. Numerous randomized double blind clinical trials have showed specific efficacy of the super pulsed lasers on various health conditions. An 88% positive effect was demonstrated in studies done on the efficacy in relieving pain caused by arthritis of small and medium joints. Click here to see the study.

The goal of cold laser therapy is to deliver light energy units (in photons) to damaged cells. Photons are absorbed by the cells and stimulate the mitochondria to accelerate production of ATP. The biochemical increase in cell energy helps accelerate the bodies healing process by transforming cells from a state of damage to a stable, healthy state.

Real People. Real Results.

  • I have been visiting Dr. Duggar for a few months now and I love the holistic approach to my health. Dr. Duggar's treatments have helped me feel better and manage my stress better. I love how he used functional medicine testing to accurately diagnose the specific issues I was experiencing and then created a health plan that included diet, adjustments and energy work. I am grateful for the help of everyone at I Am Wellness to improve my life
    Joni B. Joni B.
  • I have been coming to Dr. Duggar for the past 10 years. Honestly, I can't express how grateful I am for all that he has been able to do for me. I am a dental hygienist. I was experiencing intense pain in my wrist and thumb. I had surgery to try to help the problem but it only made it worse. I came to Dr. Duggar as a last resort (I should have seen him first!) Within 1 month of care and I had complete relief! I am a true believer in Dr. Duggar's approach to complete and total wellness.
    Sissy I. Sissy I.
  • Our family has been blessed ever since my sister-in-law referred us to Dr. Duggar. He has helped us deal with many issues ranging from gluten intolerance, frequent headaches, recurring colds, hearing problems and ulcerative colitis. His method of correcting spinal misalignments is more gentle than other adjustments I've had in the past. Whenever I develop a new condition, I always want to go to Dr. Duggar first because I believe he treats the whole person and I will receive healing that is more lasting and effective.
    Loretta S. Loretta S.